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Handmade shaving soaps that are manufactured in an old-fashioned way. With the help of a shaving brush and the delivered shaving soap jar, a full meringue-like lather is worked-up. Nurturing oils soften and leave the skin soft and moisturized. Apply smoothly to the face or legs. Then just shave. Great after-shave feeling as the skin feels soft and wonderful.

Learn more about how artisan shaving soaps are made. Interview with Johan Granath from Shave´n butcher.

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  • Moroccan Detox Organic Soap


    Misty Woodland Organic Soap


    Troll Shaving Soap


    Beerd Off Shaving Soap


    Bloom Out Face & Eye Cream


    Flower Mist Facial Toner Neroli


    Calendula Salve


    Mr Cool Shaving Soap


    Shaving Brush


    Safety Razor


    Citrus Crush Organic Soap