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The future is shampoo bars

If there is something we love to develop, it is solid shampoo bars. Comfortably large to fit nicely in the hand, concentrated by powerful and gentle ingredients to create healthy hair and scalp.

Dosing with a liquid product is easy to overdose. But when you pull the shampoo bar over your hair while lathering up with your fingers you notice exactly how much is required for your particular hair. We always recommend that you shampoo your hair twice. First time to
dissolve impurities. In the second round, you rinse it off properly. The hair is ready for the treatment of moisturizing balm bar. But more about that in another article.

That the body should feel good both inside and out is A and O in Grön Lycka’s health thinking. We only use mild ingredients with the right pH for cleaning the hair. Here you will find no sulfates (SLS). The body’s natural acid mantle is preserved. The acid mantle is
located in the skin’s top layer (epidermis) and is made up of fatty acids, fatty alcohols and salts. It is our protection against external attacks.

A shampoo bar corresponds to about 3 bottles of liquid of 250 ml. Many plastic bottles can be saved. Also with minimal water. Water is a precious resource. Fantastic climate-smart to skip both plastic and water.

Not tested yet? Then it’s time. The future is solid shampoo!

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The future is shampoo bars