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Calm Down Fragrance Wax Melt


Enjoy our handpoured lavender fragrance wax melt.


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Dream back to the lovely lavender fields with their de-stressing scents. Fragrance wax melt with essential oils from lavender and sage. The wax melt comes from Europe and is free from palm oil.

Elegantly designed with extra beautiful shine. The bio-glitter is plasticfree and biodegradable.

The fragrance wax melt is delivered unwrapped to minimize the impact on the environment according to the Zero Waste concept.

Instructions: Cut a small piece and put in aroma lamp. Light a candle and let the wax melt. When the scent spreads in the room, you can extinguish the candle. The same piece can be used several times. Store the wax melt bar where you want it to diffuse the smell in your home.

Weight: 55g



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