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Green Clean Soap


This unique handmade organic multi-soap for the entire home is about to save all of your cleaning tools and introduce to new cleaning routine.


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Green Clean is our handmade effective household soap with many uses for the whole home. It is our gentle dish-cleaning-washing soap.

Made from organic ingredients combined with the power of herbs. The soap body consists only of saponified vegetable coconut and rapeseed oils for cleansing properties. Bicarbonate helps to remove onion, seafood, other strong and unpleasant odors from your hands. Organic sugar gives the soap extra lather. Tea tree is anti-bacterial and antifungal. Lemon cleans gently and effectively.

Enjoy clean and fresh surfaces free of chemicals.

Choose solid soaps and start minimizing plastic in the household. Grön Lycka works for zero waste. Our soap is 100% degradable. We think about the environment.

Hand Wash: Use brush or sponge. Soak and massage on the soap.

Stain: For cleaning stained surfaces, such as textiles and kitchen surfaces. Soak the surface and lather up the soap where the stain is to be removed.

Wash: Tear 1 tablespoon and melt the flakes in 1 cup of warm water overnight. In the morning, the flakes are dissolved and you have been given liquid detergent intended for a wash.

Weight: 110 gr

Ingredients: Sodium canolate*, sodium cocoate*, aqua, glycerin, sodium lactate, sodium bicarbonate, sugar*, Citrus limonum*, Melaleuca Alternifolia*, citral**, limonene**, linalool**, geraniol**

* Organic raw material
** components naturally present in essential oils


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