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Nordic Santa Candle


The canola wax candle Nordic Santa is handmade in scenic Häjla with the fields on the knot. We offer a unique candle design with light natural scents from essential oils. Elegant light vase with lid.

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Nordic Santa candle with Christmas spices. Fine essential oils of orange, carnation and cinnamon. Sparkling wood wick for a cozy feeling. The candle comes in an elegant glass vase with a lid that can then be used for other purposes as needed. When the candle is not on, the lid is recommended to preserve the essential oils.

We distance ourselves from GMO crops and have chosen not to produce candles on soy wax as it is often obtained as genetically modified originating in the USA. Grön Lycka’s canola wax is GMO-free and manufactured in Europe. Choosing canola wax is more climate smart as it does not need to be transported so far, as for example soy wax. It is a pure and natural wax that does not emit any dangerous particles

Instruction: When the light comes on let it burn so that the entire surface (pole) is melted. This is to avoid a deep tunnel. Let the light burn for at least 2 hours. When off, the wick should be trimmed by simply pinching off the burnt.

Weight: 165g

Burning time up to 35 hours


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