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Soap Sisal Bag


Practical all-round soap sisal bag, fine knitted.

Soap bag 12 x 13 cm.

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Soap bag in organic cotton and sisal, a durable and hard fiber extracted from the leaves of the sisal plants. It yields a stiff fibre used in making rope and various other products and is the most important and widely applied leaf fiber worldwide.

You can use it as a soap saver bag to help your bars last even longer. Just put your whole organic soaps, shampoo- and conditioner bars inside this sisal soap bag and hang it in the bathroom. It keeps your soaps tidy and allows them to air and dry.

Do not throw away the slices from your solid soaps. Just pop them inside the bag – tighten with toddle – and use them in the shower or bath to gently exfoliate your skin.

Zero waste.


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