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Safety Razor


High quality safety razor. The shave feels outstanding! Perfect for those with sensitive skin.

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Safety Blade from Váli – a single blade at perfect angle that cuts evenly with the skin without drag and tear. After shaving, the hair can grow back to normal and you will not have skin irritation and pimples. The beard is thus given a chance to grow normally again after shaving. The razor also easily cuts rough beard growth softly and friction-free without irritation.

Well balanced with exceptional price versus quality. Extra care has been taken on the head for friction freedom with perfect grip. It is also a nice decoration in the bathroom cabinet! Effective against curly and coarse hair growth, and is dermatologically recommended for those who have irritated skin problems after shaving. A platinum-plated razor blade from Swedish steel is included.

Replace the razor planer at home and minimize the plastic. Think about the environment.

Three-piece with total weight 80gr!


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