About Us

Bringing old knowledge of our medicinal plants to life is one of the concepts of our brand. We only buy carefully selected certified raw materials to meet the brand's quality requirements. We place high demands on our suppliers and their products. Our priority is to take care of Swedish medicinal plants and locally produced organic raw materials. We are open with the contents of our assortment, all to make you feel safe with our products. We focus on quality, not quantity. We think about our customers' health and the environment.


Grön Lycka (Green Happiness) is a Swedish organic cosmetic brand founded by me Carina, the CEO and owner of Grön Lycka Cosmetics AB. With a background as a nurse and as a herbal therapist, I have acquired a solid knowledge of the therapeutic effects of medicinal plants.

In my profession, I have met so many people, adults and young people, with skin problems and with hair and scalp issues. Everything from dryness, itching, dandruff to eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, worn and lifeless hair. An extensive research has led me to the realization of how unnecessarily strong and chemically rich many products are. Cheap substances that do us no good! Something needed to be done. That´s why I started up my company and my natural cosmetic brand.

About the products

Grön Lycka’s natural cosmetics are plant-based products for optimal therapeutic effect. It´s important for us to add generous amounts of carefully selected raw materials and ingredients from herbal plants, which together complement and strengthen each other to enhance the best effect for the skin and mind.

Grön Lycka complies with the Swedish Medicines Agency’s requirements for good manufacturing practice during manufacturing (GMP). The products are safety assessed by an authorized chemist and registered on the EU ECAS/CPNP portal.

The production takes place in our soap studio in the country side, not far from the historical little village Rök. Beautiful designed soaps, skincare- and spa products are created by hand in small batches. Based on wide-ranging research and experience, the formulas are developed with the utmost care and we are proud to offer one of Sweden’s finest cosmetics based on plants. We value that the raw materials are fresh, organic and preferably certified. We add generous amounts of natural ingredients such as nourishing oils, different types of clay, algae, extracts and essential oils.

We do not use detergents (SLS, SLES), parabens, citric acid or mineral oils. Our fragrance oils are free from phalates. The soaps are colored with clays and mica, which are natural crushed minerals. Our bio-glitter is without plastic. The products do not contain GMO ingredients. We are against GMOs as the plants are genetically modified to change their genome. We do not use palm oil. The assortment has not been tested on animals and is cruelty free.

Essential oils contain many beneficial components that are good for the skin and body but also small levels of allergens to which you can react. If you are unsure, we recommend doing a patch test first to ensure that you don´t have an allergic reaction. If skin irritation or itching occurs, do not use the product.

Zero Waste

We want to reduce our impact on the environment according to the Zero Waste concept. Our goal is to minimize plastic products in homes and bathrooms and to reduce the number of unnecessary and redundant items. We do this by making long lasting solid soaps, shaving soap pucks, shampoo- and conditioner bars. Our goal is also to develop all-in-one products for several different purposes and uses. We even offer various accessories in ceramics or in natural materials.

Our purpose is also to reduce packaging waste. The assortment is packed either in glass jars and glass bottles for cream and salve or in recyclable packaging. We also offer unwrapped option. Other products are wrapped in recyclable paper bags.

We want people to have access to lower-waste items as much as possible to minimize the footprint on our planet. It is our small contribution to a sustainable environment and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The webshop

In the webshop you have access to full detailed information about the content of each product. We feel that you as a customer have the right to know the content.


Grön Lycka Cosmetics AB
Carina Folkesson, CEO

Häjla Röksäter 1
596 95 Väderstad

Organisation number: 559119-2835