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The product range is natural, organic and herbal based. Each batch is manufactured by hand with passion and perfection in small batches. We love to add generous amounts of ingredients that provide therapeutic action in the form of herbal and aromatherapy.

We design eco soaps with inspiration directly from nature. Each soap gets a unique look with its wonderful content. Just enjoy the next time you soap your hands and body.

Eco-cosmetics with stylish, elegant and exclusive design. Real crafts! All for a genuine feeling. It’s Grön Lycka (Green Happiness)!

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We love lather and lovely scents! Now bath cookies make entrance together with soaps.

Our products

Welcome to botanize around shampoo and conditioner bars, shaving soaps, solid soaps, luxurious spa products, aromatherapy candles and other goodies. Grön Lycka's natural cosmetics are plant-based and we are happy that the majority of the content is just that for optimal therapeutic effect. We are against GMOs when the plants are genetically modified in a purposeful way to change their genetic mass. We do not use detergents (SLS, SLES), parabens and mineral oils. Glitter and mica are without plastic. No silicones, palm oil, citric acid or anything unnecessary. Not tested on animals and obviously ethically procured.

Herbal Power

With the power of plants, we develop modern and innovative natural cosmetics with knowledge from the past. The raw materials are carefully selected to support and strengthen your skin and body. The secret in herbal science is to combine the right herbs in a product to enhance the good effect. We declare all content and explain what each ingredient stands for. We want you to understand what Grön Lycka is.

Artisan Craft

In small batches we produce natural cosmetics with fresh ingredients. We love design and each product has its unique pattern from natural clay and crushed minerals. Inspiration is taken directly from nature. The soaps are marbled on beautiful natural stones. We use only degradable and plastic-free glitter to give an extra beautiful shine in our products.

Zero waste

We love to develop solid natural cosmetics that are without plastic packaging. Now we take the next step and offer packaging-free products. Plastic minimize the bathroom by replacing your liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner with Grön Lycka's solid soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars. Or why not replace your home cleaning products with the all-round Soap Green Clean Soap?


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Grön Lycka believes in a fair path to well-being. A sustainable and healthy lifestyle is more than the products you use. Check out our blog to learn more about how to create your green happiness.


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Our story

Grön Lycka’s natural cosmetics are plant-based and we are happy that the majority of the content is just that for optimal therapeutic effect. We do not use detergents (SLS, SLES), parabens, citric acid or mineral oils. We do not use any form of palm oil or soy wax.

“As an active herbal therapist and trained nurse, Carina has solid knowledge of the therapeutic effect of the medicinal plants. With a passion for cosmetic chemistry, exclusive and modern skincare products are developed and created.”