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Feel free to botanize in our assortment, which is handmade, organic and herbal based. I hope to inspire more people to live an eco-friendly lifestyle with focus on reducing the footprint on our planet.

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Wax Melts with magical scents

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Enjoy our decorative wax melts as they melt in the wax burners.

Our products

The assortment consists of solid shampoo- and conditioner bars, solid design soaps, shaving soaps, luxury spa products, all-in-one products, melt wax and other lovely items. Each article is made in small batches with love, accuracy and perfection.

Herbal Based

With the power of plants, we develop modern and innovative organic cosmetics with knowledge from the past. The raw materials are carefully selected to support and strengthen your skin and body. The secret in herbal science is to combine the right herbs in a product to enhance the good effect. This is how we work. It's Grön Lycka.

Genuin Artisan Craft

In small batches, we manufacture our products with love and accuracy. Beautiful design soaps are created by hand. The soaps have their unique pattern from natural clay and mica as well as their own decoration with plastic-free glitter. Many are marbled as the inspiration is taken directly from nature and its beautiful stones.

Zero Waste

Our goal is to lessen the impact on the environment by minimizing plastic in homes and reducing the number of unnecessary and redundant products. We strive to make less waste and we work hard to use less packaging and to offer natural, plastic-free alternatives. To help you live a zero waste, minimalist, and low impact lifestyle.

Knowledge vault

Well-being is a lifestyle. Grön Lycka believes in a fair path to well-being. A sustainable and healthy lifestyle is more than the products you use. Check out our blog to learn more about how to create your green happiness.

Our Story

It is important to me as a herbal therapist to highlight the old knowledge about herbal medicine again and to combine internal treatment with external. My interest in the herbs grows daily when I see the good effects they give us. I always choose what I consider to be the gold nuggets from the plant kingdom. The therapeutic effect of medicinal plants is in focus when I develop my assortment. I want to show that with few ingredients from nature we can create luxurious therapeutic skincare products and more. When I´m out lecturing, I always lift up that herbal medicine and natural cosmetics can go hand in hand.